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  1. K

    Free word app

    Hi all, I am looking for help to find a free app that can open & edit MS word &/or excel files on the Ipad. Can someone kindly recommend one?
  2. C

    import web MySQL into excel

    Hello, I want to do a full analysis of our gaming community statistics, but I do not have direct access to the database. The table splits to pages of 50 records and I need around to import 250 pages, so it's kinda annoying to do it manually (copy/paste). Also, if I do it manually my excel...
  3. T

    Laptop for writing and editing

    Can someone suggest which laptop I should get? I will use it mostly for writing and editing Word documents and pdfs. I'll also be using Excel spreadsheets and possibly using photoshop for some brochures.
  4. N

    BESTwindows office package

    which office package do I buy for word,excel,presentaion,access,onenote,publisher and expression web because I want to buy one as I am a student and will need this for school work and a bit of webpage design .
  5. D

    Excel 2013 Replacing option (CTRL+F)

    Hey guys! So i'm trying to figure someting out. my friend is having a big sheet, with numbers like this 14234 5325235 124412 128382 etc. just much bigger, Now these numbers consist of collors, Now i wonder if someone can help me, We press CTRL + F to pop up the search window, Then we'll try...
  6. T

    How to create counting numbers in EXCEL 2013

    I need to create counting numbers that continue over to each worksheet in a workbook. For an example I need to recreate PO#'s in a workbook. Every time I hit the "+" it creates an empty worksheet. I have to copy and move from an existing worksheet which then will not recreate my Dates or PO#'s...
  7. B

    VBA and EXCEL help

    Hi I really need help with a project I am doing. I got super confused on the very last part can anyone look at this and tell me what it means? OR could I send you the project which has all the information and would be far more clear? Modify the existing code in FlagQuotas accordingly to...
  8. M

    Excel 2013 line charts

    I need to create a line chart in excel 2013 with 183 dates along the bottom axis. After 100 dates it will only show every other date. Is it possible to show all dates. I've tried changing axis to 1 day but this does not work after 100 dates.
  9. M

    How can I restore an excel document to an earlier date as it looks like the file was saved in error with a lot of the informat

    How can I restore an excel document to an earlier date as it looks like the file was saved in error with a lot of the information deleted in error, so I only need to restore to a previous save date. Thanks
  10. K

    how to insert a photo in Excel 2010

    I'm using Excel and it will not let me copy and paste or insert a photo at all. On my other spreadsheets this has not been a problem; however, I am still not able to just simply insert a photo. Even when I tried changing the Macro settings.... still nothing..... what am I doing wrong?
  11. U

    i have imported my data into acces but i am still having difficulty to apend this reords into exting tables in my access datab

    I have a lot of data in excel and its coming to point where I cant easily report so I am trying import this data into access which can be easier to manage. where I can easily generate weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
  12. M

    Excel 2013 - Subtract from cell 2 negative value in cell 1, but only if cell 1 is negative.

    Can someone please help me find the right formula for this spreadsheet? I need to subtract from the "Savings Account" to make the "Current Account Bank Balance" 0 (ZERO) only IF the "Current Account Bank Balance" is negative, otherwise not. Also, if the negative balance of "Current Account Bank...
  13. indyitguy

    Excel Function question

    Is there a way excel will recognize the value of [=A1&A2&A3] as a function? Example: Cell A1 is = Cell A2 is 'Sheet1' Cell A3 is !B3 Cell A4 is =A1&A2&A3 That would make Cell A4 produce ='Sheet1'!B3 so shouldn't it actually equal what is in cell B3 on Sheet1?
  14. truegenius

    Excel like spreadsheet in html web page

    Hi, I made an Excel spreadsheet with lots of data (class record) and saved it in excel format but i want to convert it to HTML file. Q. So how to convert it into html file with following conditions : 1. It should run on all the browsers (like mobile browsers, desktop browsers, browsers...
  15. E

    excel copy paste problem

    copying the formula sum(a1:a3) from a4 to b4 does show sum(b1:b3) in the b4 cell, but, value is still the same as a4. Changing a character (eg deleting and reentering the 3 in sum(b1:b3)) gets the correct value.
  16. M

    Help, get value Attributes Block and Dimensions to Excel by Autolisp

    Hi all, I have a drawing with Attributes and Dimension. I want get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel (2010) (view file Now.rar attachment). Please, help me get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel by autolisp. Thank you very much! File...
  17. G

    Creating an Excel Survey without Skydrive

    I am using Excel 2010 and wanted to know if it's possible to create a survey, that I can email to others, that will collect all the data from everyone it was sent to and organize it into a table with possible time stamp (similar to skydrive survey and google forms). If it's possible, how would...
  18. H

    Auto Update ms excel/access

    Hello there, I have an application I use to read data on some devices. This data is then exported to ms excel sheet, the exported data is then copied/pasted to update the existing worksheet for further manipulation. I am looking for a way to link ms excel or access to the application such that...
  19. L

    create a batch file to automate a a report

    go to MySql open a specific query, pause, enter date, run, export file to EXCEL and open file to allow user to save this file, run to open ACCESS, import exported EXCEL file to a specif table, pause to allow user to edit data and then when user closes table run series of ACCESS queries; open a...
  20. J

    Searching for software to automaticalt make contracts

    Hey guys, I am searching for a program that allowes you to put in a standerd text and then put in certain information in like a excel file and it fills out the blanks. I need this to make contracts for my company faster. Just a example: Hello Ms/Mrs ...(1)...., You have rented my company to...
  21. grebgonebad

    Excel date formatting question....

    Hi all! Basically, I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that I can use to list objectives on, and so far I have three columns which are 'what', 'when' and 'status'. I only need it to be this simple. I also want to have two sets of these tables, one for short term objectives (Anything up to a...
  22. G

    Excel. Create a hyperlink from one excel to another.

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help. So, the problem is that when excel creates a link to a certain workbook, it uses the absolute path (C:/program files/something_I_want.xlsx), but if the target is moved to another folder the hyperlink doesn't work anymore. I do realize that this is pretty...
  23. G

    Advanced Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    Use these shortcuts for some of the more complicated functions in Microsoft Excel and be more productive in the use of the spreadsheet program. Advanced Excel Keyboard Shortcuts : Read more
  24. G

    Basic Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    Use these shortcuts to better navigate Microsoft Excel and be more productive in the use of the spreadsheet program. Basic Excel Keyboard Shortcuts : Read more
  25. A

    Which language should i learn first?

    So yea, i've seen the threads for the same question I have, but we all have different needs in programming :) I'm a business developer and what I'm going to want to use it for is basically what excel can do but have my calculation templates be self sufficient, user friendly, and visually more...
  26. GOM3RPLY3R

    Making a new Excel Formula?

    Hello all, I am working on a school project in which I have created a formula to calculate a score for the performance of a graphics card. It is as follows: p= peformance t=temperature c=clock I want to input this into excel and just use it as a shortcut instead of having to do...
  27. Christopher Chung

    Change Word/Excel Pie Chart Total

    How can I change a pie charts total? Each piece totaling 500 instead of 100. I tried adding a formula on each cell but it's still taking it out of 100. Thanks
  28. viveknayyar007

    How to Align Text Diagonally in Excel

    MS Excel is MS Office application packages’ spreadsheet editor. MS Excel is one of the most commonly used applications for handling data spread-sheets. The Excel spread sheets are the documents that you will sooner or later switch into, for your domestic, office or organization’s use. This...
  29. K

    How to Create a Graph in Excel and Properly Format It

    How to Create a Graph in Excel and Properly Format It Introduction This tutorial will teach an individual how to create a basic graph and format it properly. Please note that the data used in this tutorial is all made up. Creating the Graph It will look something like this: This doesn't...
  30. S

    How to use mixed references in excel?

    In the past tutorial I taught you about relative references. These are only really useful in very select occasions. The way that the reference will slide is valuable, but usually just in conjunction with an absolute reference mixed in. Hence a mixed reference. This is different in that you will...
  31. S

    How to use relative references in Excel?

    Referencing a cell in excel is integral into making effective spreadsheets. If you improperly reference a cell in excel then you will not get the output you want. Referencing a cell is putting one cell as equal to another one or a function of another. The first reference I will show you is the...
  32. viveknayyar007

    Import MS Excel Data into MS Access 2013 Database

    Since MS Access 2013 is a full-fledged RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) oriented application, it is nowadays widely used by almost all small to medium scale organizations to maintain their databases and the records that they contain. Since almost every organization grows gradually...
  33. W

    Excel Centrino Green 553 Laptop by ECS?

    As the Subject line says, i.e. is it? My friend has a Laptop that has the word on back of LCD Cover "Excel" bottom of Laptop on a Label it says Centrino Green553, can't find NO Excel Hardware manufacturer of Laptop/Notebook, closest I get from research is ECS, anyone confirm that?
  34. ldewitt

    Office 2010 Excel Veiw 2 seperate Spreadsheets

    I've been looking all around to no avail. Does anyone know how to view 2 spreadsheets INDIVIDUALLY side by side in widows 7 Pro? I've done the option: View Side By Side, and that option is CRAP! I want 2 different instances of excel open so i can click and drag one to the left then click and...
  35. F

    [Q] Recover Corrupted Excel Files

    I have been an absolute idiot. In a frenzy of clearing out old documents, I deleted some Excel files which I wasn't supposed to. Like even more of an idiot, I emptied the recycling bin. Further proof of my idiocy is proved by that folder not being in my backups. EaseUS Date Recovery v6.1...
  36. G

    Rearranging Data in Excel

    So, I copied a long list of addresses, phone numbers, etc into an excel spreadsheet. I stuck it on tab 3 because I figured I could somehow link the info I wanted to keep on tab 1, and in the format I desired. So far no luck. Here is an example of how it is formatted currently- Calvary Chapel...
  37. jbosari

    How to Fix Copy and Paste Problems Associated with Microsoft Office

    This is a quirky problem with a few answers depending on the source of the issue. Before you try any of these, just make sure your Esc key isn't stuck down. That's the easiest fix :) ■ General Fix #1: Go to registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet...
  38. Z

    Automatically extract data from PDF and export to Excel or SQL

    This is a tall order, the policy statements for the company I work for are received in PDF format. I am looking for a way to extract specific blocks of data ( in the form of tables but they poorly structured ) from within a PDF and export them to a excel spreadsheet or sql. Are there any...
  39. grebgonebad

    Excel date formatting help? (Office 2010)

    Hey everyone! I am curently trying to create a spreadsheet at work which allows users to inut a date, but if that date is outside of a specified range I need it to change colour. I cannot post the specifics of this work due to legal reasons, but below is an example: Lets say all work needs to...
  40. pologoalie8908

    EXCEL: If-then statements

    I have a row of data: A1=ticketnumber B1=priority(low,med,high) C1=description D1=persons name E1=orginizations F1=last modified G1= date reported H1=Todays date J1=days open K1= days since last update i basilcy want B1 to change names from low,med,high based on the values in J1. So if J1 is...
  41. Q

    Excel header format

    Header and footer is properly formatted but when it in my pc, formats are lost. is it something to do with the settings of my excel? please help..
  42. phil_livesey

    Trouble in Excel

    Hi everyone. My problem is that i have a list of 27 people who need to work every weekend. I want 7 of these people to work one saturday, then one of those 7 people to work the sunday. I have achieved this but my problem occurs when i want to do the next saturday, i don't want anyone that has...
  43. K

    64 bit and 32 bit Office on same computer

    Hello, I'm trying to set up my computer so that it can run both 64 bit and 32 bit Office (mainly Excel). I need 64 bit because I work with fairly large spreadsheets, so being able to utilize more than 2gb of RAM makes a huge difference. However, I also have a few addons I use occasionally...
  44. J

    Dell Latitude E6530 business laptop - Need advice

    I am a business user (Word, Excel, Quickbooks, etc) that also uses a Stock Trading Platform with multiple charts/graphs etc. I currently have an older E6410 that is overwhelmed by the graphics portion of stock charting and I plan to upgrade to a new E6530 (15.6" screen with number pad on...
  45. Karlos123

    Problem with microsoft Excel starter 2010

    Everytime i try to open files whilst the internet is on i get a message saying "unable to open file: you are not connected to the internet" eventhough i am, it seems to be trying to download something after that message appears but it again asks for a internet conection, i was thinking the...
  46. A

    How to create a password protected Hyperlink in excel

    Hi I have a hyperlink in my excel which is opening some other file on click. I want to add password so that when i click on hyperlink, it ask s for password, if entered password is correct then only open the target file. Thanks for help. By Abhinav Kumar
  47. A

    How to add password on hyperlink in excel

    Hi I have a hyperlink in my excel which is opening some other file on click. I want to add password so that when i click on hyperlink, it ask s for password, if entered password is correct then only open the target file. Thanks for help. By Abhinav Kumar
  48. M

    Laptop to purchase

    Hi - Looking to buy a solid new laptop. Mainly will use for surfing the web, excel, little music. I was looking into Lenovo brand, but please any info will be appreciated. Thanks
  49. jnkweaver

    Problems with Hyperlinks in Excel

    I have a colleague at work that has an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (on Windows 7) with multiple hyperlinks to a network drive/folder where the data files are stored. It seems that randomly across multiple sheets about 20% of the hyperlinks are changed from the correct path to his C drive. Any...
  50. B

    I replaced an excel file with the other one how do i recover it

    I replaced an excel file with the other one how do i recover it
  51. M

    File type changed, can it be changed back?

    I made a file using OpenOffice.calc (basically Excel). I saved it as a .xls file, then I opened the file using Excel on a borrowed laptop, and saved the file. Now I get a bunch of jarble when opening it in an older Excel or OpenOffice.calc. I checked the file type, and now it's different, but...
  52. B

    Office 2010 cant open excel documents?

    The problem- I cant seem to open Excel documents when I go through the excel program (File -> Open), It continuously says that there is a corruption in the file or something wrong with the file, But I can open them when I browse to the folder and double click the file. What I tried-...
  53. S

    Simple spreadsheet maths

    Hello people, what's the formula I'd enter for LibreOffice Calc (or Excel etc) to return the lowest/highest numeric value on a row/column/selection? Thanks :-)
  54. J

    Excel standard format for cell

    My excel change the standard format of numbers to 22000.0.00 and apply that format to: number, account and currency. How can I correct it?
  55. D

    Office 2007 not on "open with" list for default

    I have a new PC with Office Starter 2010. I have also installed Office 2007 and brought over old excel spreadsheets (saved as Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheets). When I double click them, they open in Office 2010. When I click "Open with", Office 2007 is not on the pick list. How can I open...
  56. rgs80074

    Is this possible with microsoft excel

    hello everyone i am trying to find if the following is even possible with excel and if so where might be a good place to start looking to figure it out. basically without getting into much details i am looking for the following, i assume this would be a macro or vba or something like that...
  57. A

    Help with Excel.

    I am using Excel 2010 and the font size is too small to read easily on the alpha column bar and the numeric row bar. How can I change the font size. Any Help woould be appreciated, thanks, Tony Fitz.
  58. T

    Numbers to letters

    Hello, when ms excel is launched on my computer and if i want to insert a decimal number, it put the letter P instad of a dot(point) example if i enter 2.25 in the cell it will become 2P25. even the calculator on the computer does the same thing can someone help me fix these. thanks
  59. M

    Locking an Excel sheet

    Hello, How to lock an excel sheet that it cannot be opened by anyone. Thanks..
  60. E

    Cloud computing

    Hello, How to export excel files in cloud. As this is not supporting apache poi, what we have to do?