Backlight Replacement for Dell D630


Aug 15, 2012
Hi guys,

New to the forum here. Iv'e been on the forum a good while actually, but just reading through threads etc :) . But now im looking for a little help and thought id join if that's ok.

Basically, I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop and the backlight needs replacing. The screen comes on, but you can barely see anything at all. Iv'e already replaced the inverter as it was a cheap replacement to see if it was that, and it wasn't. So now I need to replace the backlight, and failing that, splash out £60 for a new screen :( .

Problem is, the service manual does not show you how to replace the backlight, only how to remove the screen and the only online guide iv'e been able to find is this - http://www.***/10830480-how-to-replace-dell-latitude-d620d630-lcd-screen-backlight.html - which is fine until it comes to the very final bit about how to actually get to the backlight itself. I cannot find anything else anywhere on the internet.

So, my question is - Does anybody have a guide on this anywhere of has done this replacement before? I understand that the plastic on the back of the LCD panel needs to come off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :ange:


Jul 5, 2012
The backlight is part of the LCD panel. You could probably replace it, but it'd be way more trouble than it's worth, and there's an excellent chance you'll just end up destroying the display panel in the process. Just spend the 60 quid on the new display.

If you want, after you've got the laptop working again, you can play around with the old display to figure out how to take it apart in the event you need to do this sort of thing again.
Most backlights are extremely hard to replace. They are very thin delicate bulbs. You have to take apart the screen, most which aren't meant to be taken apart and get the new bulbs in there.

When you replaced the inverter, did you test with a multimeter to make sure it was getting power and putting out power? I had a laptop before that the motherboard quit supplying power to the inverter, so a new inverter, screen later, I determined it was the board. Very rarely do the backlights go, and some laptops have two, so it's very rare that two would go.

As suggested above, get the screen instead and try that. If it doesn't work, resell it on ebay or something and then chalk it up to the motherboard.