Question Battery completely drains after waking up from sleep or takes a long time to wake up

Sep 26, 2020
Hi guys,

I have a Dell inspiron 13 7373 and when waking my laptop up from sleep, the battery completely drains. In addition to that, my laptop regularly takes a long time to wake up from sleep so I have to shut it down and turn it back on. I have bought 3 different batteries and the same issue occurs. Would anyone be able to advise me regarding this issue?

Thank you!
Sep 26, 2020
How old is your laptop? There's a good chance your laptop battery needs to be changed. But if your laptop is new, do check out the power options and switch to a more power-saving mode.
Sep 26, 2020
My laptop is roughly 3 years old. I have recently tried 3 replacement batteries: 1 from battery buy and 2 from Amazon. This issue occurs even if I put my laptop to sleep for 5 mins and try to wake it up.
Dec 30, 2020
I think I've got the same problem on a Precision 5530. Waking from sleep, I can log in fine but a few seconds later the battery jumps from full to 0% and Windows tells me the battery is critically low and shuts down.
Even the power indicators on the battery goes from four dots to one blinking. I've had the problem since the laptop was about a year old.
If I start the computer while on A/C and then unplug it, it works just fine and can run for hours on battery power so the battery itself seems just fine. BIOS also reports battery health as excellent.
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