Question IdeaCentre PC wont wake up from sleep -monitor doesnt detect connection

Nov 9, 2022
apologies as I know this is not a LAPTOP question but i am at my wits end

hello all I am using 510A-15ABR Desktop (ideacentre) with windows 10

Ive been running into this issue where my pc will go to sleep but then will not be able to wake back up. The power light will just keep blinking, the monitor will not turn on or recognize the HDMI connection and i end up having to do a hard power off (unplugging etc) to get it to work. THis will only occur once a week or so otherwise the system works fine. All my drivers are up to date so im not sure whats going on.

thanks for any help
for future problems you can post such PC problems @

Did you update all drivers by the Lenovo app, windows or manually from the Lenovo site or AMD/Intel? Especially chipset drivers, Acpi driver

Is the BIOS up to date as well?

run to have a look which driver versions are installed and if something else could be wrong with it
post the http link of your result, e.g.