Battery Life of Dell Inspiron i7559?


There are 49 reviews and 82 answered questions in that link, did you check there?

While you may get the thing in Canada, you may have issues getting it serviced in warranty if you purchase it out of the market it's for.


Nov 9, 2015
Yeah, I did. Don't know how accurate they are, though.
I live quite close to the border... what would the issues with it be?



You'll have to send it to whatever service center is in the originating country. So if you get it from a US dealer, the warranty will be done at a US service site.

This comes up as people from overseas buy computers in the US due to cheaper cost, then when they try to get it fixed they are told they need to ship it to the US for service, or are denied warranty based on location and need to enter a US address for warranty.


Nov 19, 2015

Mine only gets about 4 hours, Dell promised 10+. it is a great laptop but the battery life is really disappointing.




An i5 CPU with a 860m video card running with normal use for 4 hours sounds normal. Unless you are doing light work on the system and have the screen dimmed, it won't get to near 10 hours of use on the battery. The battery life may also be based on having the 860m video switched off and running on the onboard i5 video.
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