Question Battery or something else?


Apr 22, 2009
So, I have a iPhone 6 with its original battery still in it. It spends most of its life plugged in to a charger until I'm ready to take it with me. Lately, it has been doing something that makes me think I simply need a new battery. But, well... let me explain...

I'll take it off the charger (fully charged) and while I'm out, I may have it do updates. After awhile, the screen will go black, the Apple logo will pop up, and it is no longer usable. Dead.
When I get home, I'll plug it in to the charger, and it will first show a dead battery. Then in a coulpe seconds, it will display the home screen showing it still has nearly a full charge (!). This last time about 87% (as I would have expected).
Within a few minutes, it is full charged again at 100%.

This happens seemingly, when it feels like it! Othertimes I can go all day with it and run the battery down to nearly dead with nothing unexpected. Pop it on the charger and it charges back up like normal. Since the avg. cost of a battery replacement where I am is $50 - $70, I'd hate to waste the money if it was a phone problem instead. Help?
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Aug 16, 2019
This sounds like it is a battery problem, firstly, I would check the battery health in the settings of your iPhone to see what that says under settings>battery>battery health, there are also programs online you can download to more accurately read the battery health. If the battery life shows that it is unhealthy than it is for sure your battery. From there you can either send it in the Apple or another repair shop to be fixed or if you are handy you can fix it by yourself for roughly $25, if you attempt this I would recommend looking up a tutorial on youtube and following that closely
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