Solved! Beats Solo 3 audio problem

Apr 27, 2019
Hello everyone, Thank you for reading this message. I am posting it because i am having a very strange problem with my solo 3 headphones by beats. The problem is that my left ear is sometimes disconnecting or stops from working, and when it does stop, a hard tap will often make it work back. If the tap doesn't make it work, i found another way to make it work for a little while, the resolution consists of using windows sounds test in the sound settings. I right click my beats headphones in playback in the sound settings and click test which plays a strong sound one by one in each ear side, and suddenly after unavailability, the left ear plays the the test sound. This doesn't completely solve the problem because after a while or if i stop using the headphones and put them down at my desk, reusing it makes the left side unavailable again. At first i thought it was a wire problem but what makes it weird is that the sound test makes it work again. Is there anyone that can help me with my problem? Thank you very much.
It´s a wire problem. This is typical for such a defect. After strong or loud audio is being played it will work for a while, till the wiring is bend or moved again.