Best AT&T phone deals in August 2021

Tom J996

Oct 29, 2022
So the deals you post for at&t being a free s22 or flip4 with any galaxy phone trade in are not accurate. At&t had this deal until October 1st. Then October 1 happened and the galaxy phone needs to be at least a s7. Trust my how I know. I'm currently trying to deals with at&t and they now won't take an s3 for a zero dollar exchange for the s22 or z flip4 like they would prior to October 1st. My current phone is an LG v40, great phone but time for a new one. Three v40 isn't worth the $35 min phone value too get the free s22 or flip4. Prior to October 1st, they had a deal for a pixel 6 pro for under $4 a month. That's what I was going to do, but I was busy and couldn't get the deal she before 10/1. Well, 10/3 when I had time, those deals were fine and the stipulations for trade in galaxy phones changed. So you might want to revise your " deals" listed here as they are not correct. Sure, if you have an s9, then they still work, but the deal is a great cry from what it was and what you list as still ongoing, but aren't.