Best Baby Monitor 2015


Apr 7, 2016
I did recently downloaded Baby Monitor by Annie from Apple store and it works great! Don't really need to buy the expensive monitoring devices as with two children, I don't have much money to waste really. Of course it's for the safety of the children, so it's not really a waste, although I can easily use this app and it does everything what the big baby monitors do and even more. I've just used my old ipad as the second device placed near my LO.


Feb 18, 2017
I generally expect better of Tom's Guide. Unfortunately, this really ignores the majority of the features that parents actually want/need. Features like:

* Remote monitoring: need iOS/Android (with push monitoring on motion or loud noise), AND the ability to view via a web browser when you're at work and using your phone

* Guest Accounts: need to allow guest accounts for grandparents, but absolutely need the ability to turn OFF the microphone for those accounts. The camera is only in the baby's room, but the microphone extends as far as sound travels, and you probably don't want your mother-in-law listening to every discussion in your home. This is a HUGE security feature that is a requirement for anything with guest accounts

* HD: high video quality matters, but only so far as it will work via WIFI (e.g. a 1080p camera probably doesn't matter if the camera only connects via 802.11b and therefore can't stream that quality)

* Night-Vision: needs to be a balance between good quality and non-bright baby-waking lights to make it work

* Pan/Tilt: a surprising number don't tilt low enough to see well into the crib if they're upright on a nearby shelf

* Subscriptions: No one wants to pay for monthly subscriptions to use their baby monitor's features

* Security: many baby monitors are known for being easy to hack (such as the Gynoii, Summer, and Phillips) -- merely mentioning that something has some security features is pointless if it doesn't also mention their security flaws

* Two-way audio: obviously important for non-guest accounts

* Video Recording: possible? Only manually? Automatically based on schedule? Automatically based on motion? Time-lapse video possible? How/where is it recorded? Who can initiate a recording? (e.g. can guests initiate a video recording? Can they play recordings back remotely?)

* Reliability: Do people report that models stop working after 3 months?

*Customer Service: Is the company known for repaying to parents with issues, or are you on your own?

I'm not saying that you don't mention some of these, but it's amazing how many are ignored. Here's hoping Tom's Guide steps up its game on this. Good luck!
Aug 25, 2018
As reviewed were particularly impressed by an Always Listening mode that streamed audio to our smartphone. (And I will add, even when phone is locked)

Does other cameras, Nest cam, have the same/similar feature?

If yes, each camera does have this option?
Nov 21, 2018
I like the Danale 360 rotate selling on ebay , the best one in my opinion around and its packed with features . the major brands stand still this one rotates horizontal and vertical and not forgetting it also have fluent 2 way audio