Best device to purchase to see Netflix on (2 TVs)


Aug 3, 2017
So we want all our TVs in our house to have Netflix on them
we don’t have smart TVs so we need to buy a device, like Fire stick, or the one that I thought is the best is the Roku express
on one TV I have an Xbox so that TV is good, and then I need for 2 more TVs, is there a device that can connect to both of them, or do I have to get 2 devices?
, and if I get two devices, what would you recommend for cheap and good?

Thanks :)
Getting a separate device for each TV is best. Easier to install and control.
You can get a BD player that can access Netflix if you want to play discs on any TV.
Otherwise Roku is very good. An Android TV box would offer more options so maybe try one on a TV.