Best Family Plan of 4


Sep 26, 2012

I am looking for the best bang for the buck family plan for 4.
Currently, we have 4 "Dumbphones" with MetroPcs for about $120/month (with taxes/etc).

With ATT We're looking at $230/month for Unlimited Talk/Text + 6gb of data (It would also be $230 for 4gb and $220 for 2gb of data SHARED Because its 4 people)
Att also has activation fees of about $144 for 4 phones.
How does att's upgrades work? I know that with a new contract we can get "Deal Phones" Like free samsung s2's or discounted phones.
Does the upgrade happen every year? And If so, does that mean we get 4 upgrades per year for a total of 8 for two years?
With the upgrade. Lets say I purchased a samsung galaxy s3 and then with the upgrade I purchased an S4 for a price of $300 (Would I keep my S3 to be able to sell it on ebay)

I also looked at verizon's website. However I heard they are CDMA (I am assuming that it would be harder to ebay their phones).
Also they are a little bit more expensive. Extra Info would be appreciated.

T-Mobile is more expensive than ATT which surprised me since they lack as many options as Att.

My friend currently has a Nexus 4 from Google and he uses (Simplemobile) for $50/month Unlimited Talk Text and Data.
Simplemobile doesn't have a family plan so we're looking at $200/month plus no "free phones" and POSSIBLY worse coverage? ( I don't know how well it is)
This means for example we would need 4 GSM smartphones ($300-$500 each) plus $200/month so lets say around $6000 for 2 years (Plus having used/outdated phones)

With ATT Its possible to only spend $5500 if we chose free phones or even under $6000 while getting "better" phones.

We've never had smartphones in my family before. I am the "tech savvy" person in my family.
I know that I will not use more than 1gb of data (by myself). My brother would probably spend 1-2gb (He would probably stream youtube and radio)
My mom is at home most of the time (WiFI) and same with my dad (WiFi at home/work)

So what would be the best deal for us? I want to have a nice Android phone (would prefer Quadcore and a nice camera plus a removable battery)