Best Free Antivirus.

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Aug 6, 2014
So I got fresh windows and thinking what antivirus I should get.

Please don't say to get Essentials as when I used it my pc was full of virus, browser full of pop-ads pc was so slow and nothing detected and once install AVG there was a lot of viruses however it seems that AVG is not god and can't delete those ad pop-ups once its installed and lots of other stuff.

According to PC Mag's Best Security Suites for 2014, Comodo would be the only Editor's Choice suite that is available for free. Now, of course, that is a security suite.

For solo antivirus, Bitdefender is probably going to be your best bet. Avast is almost useless, from my experience. I've also seen plenty of Avast users constantly get infected, even though they are running the live protection. It's pretty entertaining to see an antivirus software find infections it failed to block. I've never had that with any quality security software. I wouldn't recommend AVG, as I've heard too many negative things about it.

I'd really like to see what the difference between the free Bitdefender and paid version is. As a personal rule...


Sep 7, 2014

Unless you're always checking your computer for 0-day exploits, you can't always be too sure. No one is really safe, as there is plenty of malware/etc. out there that isn't public knowledge. Unless you're in the loop with the guys who are paid to keep vulnerabilities a secret, and write programs to exploits these unknown vulnerabilities for data surveillance/mining companies, you're probably about as vulnerable as everyone else. Just being devil's advocate, though ;)