Best Google Photos alternatives 2021

Jun 15, 2021
The best Google Photos alternatives in 2021 offer increased file storage and photo-dedicated features at great prices.

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We are working on a decentralized solution for cloud, starting with an open source, decentralized Google Photos alternative, called BOX Photos.Interface is written in react native and available for both iOS and Android (demo attached). There are many options available for Back-end, such as connecting it to AWS, Microsoft Azure or any cloud provider, however, one particular solution that we are also working on, is connecting it to a "BOX". This gadget is a home cloud based on IPFS that is a plug and play, and does not require the user to purchase any static IP, domain name or do any configuration.Let us know if you are interested in an article on it.

There is a quick review about it here if you want to check out: