Best headphones/set for $60-100?


Nov 2, 2012
Dear highly respected community of Tom's Hardware,

I want to buy a headset/headphones for when I'm gaming for at least 4hrs at a time, so 2 very important properties in descending order of importance are:

·Sound quality (for gaming)
·Good Performance:price ratio

I'm looking for good bang for buck, so I want a really comfy headset for long gaming hours, but I'm willing to pay just that extra more if it really makes a good sound quality improvement,

So my budget is between $60-$80 but like I said, if it really is a great improvement in sound quality, and still keeps the comfort, then I'm willing to pay up to around $90-95 but definitely under $100 no way I want to spend that much.

PS: I have some ideas of headphones I like myself, but I'd first like to hear you guys' brand recommendations and such
Remember: Bang for buck! (High performance:price ratio)

Thanks a lot for your time



Jun 19, 2012
get the Shure BRH440M headset when they come out. will last you 50 years and be comfortable enough to wear them that long. haha

i know. over your budget. sure are the best when using for accurate sound and comfort.

check out the srh440 set more in your budget and still great.

akg makes really excellent headphones and are fairly inexpensive.

i have the ath m50 headphones and they sound phenomenal. the only issue is the earpads, they breakdown and get scratchy ater like 4 or 5 years.
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