Best Laptop Bands/Ranges


Jun 18, 2007
Tom's Hardware does such a great job with the video cards - listing rough equivalents and selecting best units in value bands/ranges (like best card for $200).

This is EXACTLY what is needed in the laptop/notebook arena.

Yes, it would be alot harder but the noteriety the site would get would make up for it.

I hope Tom's considers something like this.


Jul 13, 2006
It would be possible, but its not like comparing apples to apples like benchmarking a video card. Alot more factors that FPS come into play with a laptop.

The big problem is getting all the laptops to Toms for review. Sager laptops really shine in performance and for the most part come in alot cheaper than the Alienware and Dell equivalents. However they dont get reviewed very often because they are small. Whereas Dell and Alienware and some of the other boutique PC shops like Falcon NW and Hypersonic work at getting their machines out there for review because it raises brand awareness.

That being said you would have to break down into several categories like low dollar (less than $1000), business, low end gaming (less than $1500), mid range gaming ($1500-$2000), highend gaming ($2500+). Im sure you could throw a few more categories in there as well.

I generally keep an eye on Notebook Reviews for laptop stuff anyway, so Toms dedicating alot of time to something that can be gotten elsewhere is a waste.
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