Best Laptop for Under $500 (If possible, under $400)


Mar 25, 2012
Like the title says, what's the best laptop for under $500?
The cheaper I can get a good one, the better.
It'd be used for very basic use.
Mostly used for general browsing, extremely light gaming; EX: Runescape, WoW.
Also, it has to keep cool.
I'm probably going to put an SSD in it and a fresh copy of Win. 7
No screen bigger than the typical 15.6' unless the hinges can hold up.
Battery life is no big deal.
Keyboard has to have a decent feel.
Mousepad has to feel nice.

-Note; I'll probably add more RAM to the machine too.

I don't care about the brand!

Im going to soon be upgrading from my dieing Compaq Presario CQ60.
It runs with 2GB or RAM, a single core celeron at 2.2 GHz, the keyboard is junk now, battery can't hold a charge, has heat problem, just a falling apart laptop now.