Question Best PC gaming headset?


May 29, 2013
Ok, I only just recently for the first time ever bought a good quality headset, the HyperX Revolver S.

My god, the quality is superb! The 7.1 I love it, even though that aspect only seemed to get average reviews. I thought it makes a huge difference, well for me anyways.

So now that I have properly dove into the sound world, I would like to know what is the absolute best gaming headset out there for any price range.

It has to be purely for gaming, not interested in studio or listening to music/movies etc.
Does not matter if it is wired or wireless. But I am always under the imoression wired will give better quality overall?

There are so many that range from $500+ to $5000+.

I love these HyperX Revolver S and do not feel like I need to upgrade. But just say I felt like burning some cash on sound because of how much I actually love it lol,what would be the best of the best be? Or would i really be wasting a ton of money for not much better sound quality?
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A great many 'gaming' headsets like your Hyper X are based on the Takstar Pro 80 and Pro 82 headphones. They're just retuned and generally a USB dongle with a surround DSP is added. The 7.1 is all virtual. Now virtual can be decent. I use Game mode on my Asus Xonar STX which uses Dolby headphone to simulate 7.1 on about half the games I play. The 'best' ( best is SO subjective ) 'gaming' ( marketed as such ) headset is probably the Audeze LCD-GX.

Considering you'd need another $500+ worth of amp and DAC to push them anywhere near their potential you're getting close to $1500 with that setup. Would they beat a Sennheiser HD800S or HiFiMan HE1000 or a Focal Utopia? Probably not. But those are all more $$$$ as well. Soundstage and imaging are what make great gaming headphones. I generally use my HD598s. My lowest end and oldest pair but they have great soundstage, width and imaging and comfort is amazing. If I was going to play something competitive I'd probably use my Focal Elear. If you close your eyes the Elear does this crazy 360 degree imaging thing like I've never heard before. But I bought them for music.
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