Best PC System Utilities Software for Home Users

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Nov 2, 2013
These utility pics are utter garbage. They do nothing but slow things down while claiming the opposite through constant popups, annoying messages and startup processes.
They certainly AREN'T "ideal for those who want their PCs to run like new" as they simply DON'T do this in any way shape or form.

The ONLY way to get your PC running like new is to NOT be an idiot and stop just clicking next next next next next whenever you install anything.
Always do a custom install and ALWAYS untick EVERY pre-ticked option, especially ones that relate to the sneak install of ineffective optimization tools like the winzip one mentioned above.


Aug 28, 2010
This so soon after the CCleaner article, which does everything worthwhile that these do and for free (except possibly the advanced hard drive stuff in System Mechanic).

As for this,
If you want to keep your PC running at peak performance, you'll need to take charge. That means you'll need to conduct registry repairs, get rid of old programs, clean out your Internet browser's cache, defragment your hard drive, and ensure that all of your software is up-to-date on a regular basis.

Registry cleaners have little or no effect on performance. Clearing browser cache will only affect the performance of your browser. Hard drive defragmentation has been handled adequately by Windows automatically since Vista. The other two points stand though.
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