Solved! Best portable mp3 players for tidal

Jan 7, 2019
That will work good with bears solo 3.0 also from 10 to 500 looking to speand a little more than that is the SONY or astell keern k70 i think witch is more user friendly for tidal and maybe better sound quality then my phone gives me
I don't think a DAP will stream Tidal except over Wifi. Make sure before you buy one.
Personally I prefer the sound of the AKM dacs over the Sabre but that is a matter of taste.
Jan 8, 2019

I think your right found only 2 r3 that do TIDAL thanks for your opinion ans byakm is that astell keern brand or a different brand cause the astell keern players play it over wifi and a pioneers sony dont i read they dont and fiiosbrand do which are the cheaper of the 3 i know play tidal figure any will be better then my samsung j3 prime headphones are ok but most part think be way better sound quality etc with a portable player