Best T.V for under $300


Jul 23, 2014
im getting paid $300 for a pc i built for someone
i want to replace my aceant tv.
i have been looking around
this tv looks like it has the most featurs for the lowest price and they get good reviews
but it is a chines and i know tech from china has a history.

this ones the same price but its 60hz instead of 120

there are others too

here are the main things i want
around 40"(its ok to be more or less)
it has to be 1080p or better(anything better costs to much right now so 1080)
pluses go to ones with more hdmi ports as i have 3 hdmi consoles and getting more i also have component and composite games too
i will be getting a box to limit wires but don't have the money right now so ill just switch plugs

so any tvs that match those requirements and are $300 or less