Playback issues with my Samsung Home Theatre Setup


Jun 11, 2018
Home Theatre Setup:
- TV: Samsung UN65MU6500
- 4K Disc Player: Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA
- Sound Bar: Samsung HW-N650/ZA
- Wireless Rear Speakers: Samsung 8500S/ZA
- Streaming Device: Roku Ultra HD
- Digital Optical Cable: Connected between TV and sound bar
- HDMI Cables: 6 foot HDMI Premium Certified Monster Cable 4K HDR Ultra HD UltraHD Gold (Connected between TV and 4K disc player and between TV and streaming device)

I have a Samsung home theatre setup. This is my first 4K home theatre setup. I am currently experiencing a playback problem while watching 4K and Blu Ray discs. At various points in roughly 5-15 minute intervals, the image does not playback smoothly on the screen. The image appears to freeze for a brief second before continuing playback as normal. I rewind to the spot where the image froze and often the freeze does not reappear. I am not familiar with TV terminology, so I do not know if it would be categorized as a freeze, stutter, judder, or distortion, but it is a noticable imperfection during playback that I find really distracting.

The first step that I took, since I had an issue with an older Samsung Blu Ray player in the past, was hooking up my Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA to my father's 4KTV. Using a different HDMI cable that was already connected to his TV, I noticed a similar playback behavior when the player was connected to his TV. This lead me to believe that there was a problem with my player. I had the player shipped to a licensed Samsung repair facility, but they said they found nothing wrong with the 4K disc player.

While I was waiting to have my 4K disc player returned, the second step that I took was connecting my dad's 4K disc player (Samsung UBD-M8500) to my TV using the same HDMI cable that was already connected to my TV when I had setup my 4K disc player. I noticed the playback imperfection at similar intervals of 5-10 minutes. When I first setup my home theatre, I used Audioquest Pearl 4K HDMI cables. When this playback behavior occurred, I replaced the HDMI cable with an identical brand and model of cable that I kept as a spare. Then the playback issue occurred roughly every 15-20 minutes. I concluded that the cable appeared to be part of the problem but I also suspected that the problem might have been with my TV.

The third step that I took, since my TV was still under warranty, was have a licensed Samsung TV technician inspect the TV. They could find no issue with my TV, but I had them go ahead and replace the circuit board since it would be free of charge. After the circuit board swap, they inspected the TV one more time and found no problems.

After the TV was remounted on my TV stand, the next step that I took was going to my local Walmart and buying three Monster HDMI cables (which are mentioned in the setup list). Each Monster cable cost about $12 and were used to replace the 6-foot Audioquest Pearl cables which cost me $40 each when I purchased them. At the same time, I reconnected my 4K disc player, since it was returned a few days before the TV service, with the Monster cable. I still noticed the playback problem at 5-10 minute intervals. I decided to buy another Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA player.

After connecting the replacement UBD-M9500/ZA player, I set the picture settings on both the TV and 4K disc player to movie mode. The playback has much less distortion and blurring, but I am still noticing that freeze or unsmooth playback at intervals between 5-15 minutes. I also wish to add that while using my Roku for streaming, I noticed a freeze roughly every 20-30 minutes, but I suspect that has more to do with my home WiFi and/or server issues from the streaming service or local Internet provider.

I feel like I am running out of hardware solutions. I do not think it will make a difference, but I am going to switch out the cable between the TV and 4K disc player with a spare identical Monster Cable and connect the player into the third HDMI port instead of the first HDMI port on the TV since the second port is used by my Roku. If that doesn't work, then the next step I am considering is buying an alternative Samsung 4K disc player model. The last step that I will take if that does not work, though my preference is to have my whole home theatre setup from one manufacturer, is look at an alternative brand of 4K disc player such as an LG, Sony, or Panasonic.

Unlike computers, my knowledge with home theatre equipment is limited. I find it unlikely that I would buy two different brands of HDMI cables and they are both defective. I also find it unlikely that two units of the same model of 4K disc player would both be defective unless there has been a known mass production defect in that model.

My only other guess is that the problem may have something to do with the settings on my TV and/or 4K disc player. With the exception of setting up the WiFi connection and setting the picture modes to movie on both the 4K disc player and TV and shutting off the automatic light dimming feature on the TV, all of the other settings, as far as I am aware, are set to default. If the problem has to do with the settings on my TV and/or 4K disc player, which settings do I need to change and what settings should they be set at?

If the problem is the HDMI cables, what brands and models would you recommend that would work properly between my TV and 4K disc player?

If the issue is my 4K disc player, what alternative Samsung models and/or other brand(s) of reliable 4K HDR disc player(s) would you recommend?

I would appreciate your knowledgeable and expert advice to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Jun 11, 2018
I switched the Monster HDMI cable between the TV and 4K disc player with an identical spare HDMI cable and connected the cable to the TV's third HDMI port instead of the first port since the second port is being used by my Roku. Around 20 minutes into the test watching a 4K film, the movie froze and I shut down the system and reconnected the player into the first HDMI Port.

Any help would be appreciated.
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