Best TV and projector for a PS4 and best surround sound?


Nov 27, 2013
Hi Ladies and Gents,

There are several stages to my home theatre master plan as I cannot afford to do everything at once! I'll try to keep my post as concise as possible.

Question/Stage 1: What's the best TV for a PS4 and general HD streaming/blu-ray viewing?

The TV will go in to my lounge and will temporarily be used with my PS3/PS4 for console gaming/streaming/blu-ray etc, but in the near future I will move my PS4 into the study (and use with a projector on a wall) and would therefore prefer a smart TV that can stream content directly from the web.

- Budget is £2k max, ideally <£1.5k price range.
- 45 inch to 55 inch max.
- 3D TV: for the money i'd like to be able to have 3D if the consensus is it's "worth it".

Question/Stage 2: What's the best surround sound to use with the above TV?

- Ideally 5:1 speakers
- Budget is anywhere from £0 to £500 max
- Must be able to be mounted in the ceiling corners (I've only got room for the bass on the floor with the other 5 all mounted on the wall just under the coving...which is where I'll hide the wires).
- Is it possible to plug the surround sound in to the TV so I don't have to keep switching sources depending on which device I am using (Sky/Streaming/PS3)? May seem an odd question, but it's been around a decade since I had a surround sound set up and I had to continually plug and unplug wires which was a nightmare.
- Would like the speakers to be loud! I've got no neighbours to annoy :)
- I do not need a blu-ray player as i'll use my older PS3 for this.

Question/Stage 3: What's the best projector for gaming?

- Firstly, is a projector any good for gaming, or am i better off with a large TV?
- Projector will be about 100 inches from the wall it's projecting on to
- Needs to be ceiling mounted
- Would like highest definition possible
- Room is not pitch black if used during the day so would like something bright enough to be used when blinds are closed (the study does not face direct sunlight on this side of the house luckily)
- Will be used for PC gaming and the PS4 (once I've got the projector i'll move it from the lounge to the study) as well as some occasional film viewing when my partner has kicked me out of the lounge!
- I would like to be able to switch between sources (PC and PS4) without unplugging wires.

Question 4: How do I connect the surround sound with a projector, PS4 and PC?

I will likely buy two 5:1 surround sound kits from question 2 above, one for the lounge and another for the study. In the study, the sources for the surround sound will be either a PC or a PS4. The PS4 will play exclusively on the projector, but the PC may be on a monitor or the all 3 scenarios I would like the surround sound to accept inputs from these sources without messing about with wires. Is this possible?

Thank you so much!

Just to add to SSDDX's input, with only a 100" (8' 4") throw distance, you really do not want to go into the projector realm. You'd be much better off with a large HDTV. Short throw projectors just are not that good and for a quality projector, you want at least a 15' throw distance to make it worthwhile. For the record, I have a 22' throw, a 1080p projector (Optoma HD20), and a 135" display.

-Wolf sends