Best UltraBook for a Writer?? Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga Pro, etc...


Dec 9, 2012
I need a newlaptop, thinking around 13 inches is good and would like something small and light and low profile. I dont want a Mac. I am considering the Dell XPS 13 and a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 or Yoga Pro 3.

However, I have a couple important criteria. The most important is a really nice easy to type keyboard. I am a writer and plan on using it for a lot of writing.

Other things I would like are very fast processor because I also use photoshop and illustrator a fair amount and do photo editing as well.

Using it as a tablet isnt necessary for me I already have a Nexus 7. I would like good battery life as well.

Also, I am a bit confused about the Yoga 2 pro and Yoga 3 pro. Online I am getting very different battery life times for these two laptops, and my info shows that the yoga 3 pro will actually have much LESS battery life than the yoga 2 pro. thats ridiculous if its true....


Nicholas Fu

Oct 17, 2014
The Dell, for sure. All the reviews say it has a phenomenal keyboard, but the touchpad is a litte jumpy and at a high load, there is a coil whine from the Cpu.