Question Best versatile 64bit music player like WinAmp with MMD3 skin for win 11


May 11, 2012
Hail all:

Right now, I run WinAmp 5.9.2 build: 10042, which is 32bit turned 64bit through Large Address Aware.
Why is it "made Large Address Aware"?
Because it could not handle the one or two songs I have:
*I wanted to upload a small picture through "Insert Image" ... but no matter which host I use, ALL get blocked? o_O
How is one supposed to place a picture, if ALL hosts tried are being blocked, please?*
In the hope, you do not think I am making things up, I'll write it here:
"47581 items [77 days+14:23:44] [477.53GB] in 0.151 sec."

My one or two songs hung, and then killed WinAmp each time I tried to fire it up.
Having a suspicion, I turned to LAA, and yes, with Large Address Awareness, it now functions nicely.

Alas ... being 32bit in origin, it refuses to accept 64bit plugins, which is logical.
Why people, considering 64bit is out since 2003, an era back in the time that man still lived in caves, and seduced women by means of a large stick (in computer POV),
it is beyond baffling, folks STILL make 32bit, waterflow driven, toys.
As if they fail to understand, what benefits 64bit technology offers.

If only, WinAmp was 64bit, then I would not have to come here, and ask for this:
Can someone advice me to a good, versatile, 64bit music player, like WinAmp with MMD3 skin for win 11?
With this, I mean:

with this ^^^ type setup:
Player Controller.
Playlist (Editor).
Library with similar setup.

Thank you Aforehand:

PS: Seems that picture too went bonkers,
I'll give the link to the picture then.
My apologies.