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Jul 30, 2009
I own both Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 and VisualStudio Pro 2022. Both are limited in what they can do and are really horrible, especially Visual Studio Pro. Support for both is as bad as the software. Visual Studio crashed my new Lenovo laptop so many times that Visual Studio stopped working, so I ripped it out and bought Premiere Elements 2022. It's not as functional as my very old version of Nero Platinum 11 I bought in 2011 (but that won't run on WIN10). Premiere has crashed a few times and sometimes the editing video window disappears but it does work. The sound disappeared after a crash and I had to disable the microphone input to get the sound to return. Neither software has much in the way of making DVD intro videos or very many sample templates. Editing of the templates is limited so not a lot of custom work. If all you want to do is make simple .mp4 videos then this will probably work.

The biggest problem I've encountered so far is trying to import more than 69 (Apple) .mov HEVC files into a project in Premiere. The import throws an error saying I don't have the necessary HEVC files. However, I can open a new project and import the ones that were rejected in the other import. I reported this to Adobe support, spent 3+ hours in a chat session and all I got was them changing permission on a hidden system folder from TrustedInstaller to 'everyone' so they could delete ALL my HEVC files (instead of using the Uninstall feature in Apps & Features), which caused the software to stop importing any HEVC files and 4 other apps to crash and need to be reinstalled or repaired. They didn't have the Microsoft HEVC install (99 cents at Microsoft) to replace it so they downloaded a freebie from a site in Columbia SA. They have promised to call and connect me with a higher level techie. All of the .mov files were recorded using the same iPhone 12 with no changes to the default settings. This new Lenovo laptop has the necessary HEVC files, but Adobe support thinks the problem is with my laptop, not their software.

Corel wouldn't refund my money and support replies to emails were up to 2 weeks apart. I finally told them to stop and leave me alone. I'm thinking about asking for my money back from Adobe now. My advice is to avoid both. I'm considering buying the Cyberlink Power Director 20 Ultimate now. Fingers crossed.
Not open for further replies.