Best weather apps


Nov 19, 2021
I love android but I wish android apps were like iphone's. A lot of weather apps on iOS that are also available on Android are really well made on iOS. Whereas that same weather app on android is just a glorified poorly made skin of a website with a low review score. If Android apps had the same support as iOS I would love android even more.


Oct 25, 2017
It's interesting looking at the old comments and comparing. 2021 comments suggests to me that MyRadar might not have made the list because of an active FUD campaign! lol ;) Presently on the website, there's a banner on the first page advertising "An Investment Opportunity (in MyRadar itself)" Maybe financial instability was a reason to keep it off the list? IDK. In contrast to 2021, My Carrot is definitely on Android now, it it acts like a mature app. Maybe Tom's was psychic in predicting future glory? lol again. Maybe as time goes by, these comments should expire, because certainly the app scene can change drastically in a couple of years. Good luck in your search for the best weather app!
Nov 1, 2023
Great article, however I do not understand how out of the top 15, Weather Scope didn't make the cut. It is my favorite weather app with its awesomely smooth radar. Unlike all the ones on this article, it isn't clips pasted together like a flip book. It is a seamless radar. That and the ability to select a color scheme from a list of themes is one of my favorite features. Plus the notifications are great since they are AI produced. Just my 2 cents!