Better of 2 laptops?



I have narrowed this down to 2 laptops based on my own experience with 2 laptops that are similar. I'm mainly using the laptop I choose for taking notes in classes, and playing games on the weekend. Not much else, oh, yeah, it has to survive idiots/d**chebags in my last class who constantly do c*ap to me and my stuff (unplug it, slap the lid closed, etc.).

The games I play:
-Halo 1
-Halo 2 vista
-Plants vs. Zombies
-Gmod & TF2

I have narrowed it down to these two:
-long battery life
-better than my inspiron 9400
-smaller size fits on desk better
-integrated graphics(better battery)

-low resolution & glossy screens suck, although i'm told asus's glossy screens are better
-integrated graphics(worse gaming)
-used to the big screen on my i9400
-power port is in the middle of the left side, might break off
-2nd gen intel cpu
-better than inspiron 9400
-better gaming
-power port is in more convenient place
-1600x900 resolution looks crisp, like my i9400
-3rd gen intel cpu

-less battery life
-bigger, hard to fit 17" and books on desk
-twice the dough for dedicated graphics
-thinner, probably runs hotter
-no extra parts on ebay(wtf???)
-all usb ports on left side
-no microphone port
-misleading specs, only 3 usb, what else could "not" be in the laptop?

I chose these asuses over the aspire 5755 because the keyboard is much more like the old style and less like the clichet pos keyboards that are somehow popular.

Please, no:
AMD APU's, although a cpu-only amd system is fine with me.
AMD Gpu's
Acer, Lenovo, Sony, or custom build sites.


Nov 11, 2011
How about none. Look for something with an AMD A10 that will be better for gaming as the other two you listed won't handle the games you listed.
I would say a Lenovo 585 but their out of stock and on their website it went from "coming soon" to being completely taken off their website. They were available as prebuilts at stores just not their website before.



I've had my fill with amd apu's. I'm replacing a lenovo E425 with a 3550mx, horrible support, both linux and windows. Plus crappy build quality and clichit keyboard, the keys would literally fall off, I never touched the screen and there is a white dot on it.

I would keep my inspiron 9400, but the x1400 doesn't handle skyrim well, and the battery life sucks, even with a new 8 cell.

I don't want to game max settings, i just want it to play 20-30fps on low settings and get decent battery life, and both these laptops fulfill them.



Jul 25, 2012
What about this one?, i have heard good things of Lenovo laptops but i dont know many people with Lenovos so im not completely sure.

Or this one with better processor i think, similar video card(the first one may be a bit better according to, more ram and is cheaper but smaller screen.




Not a big fan of them. My dad works for ibm and gets a discount on ibm laptops, which is why i got one in the first place, i was going to buy an asus nv53.

My laptop (lenovo E425)- keys fall of the keyboard while typing, screen has white dots, no driver support for wifi card.

My dad's work laptop (lenovo T420)- screen hinges are wobbly and loose after 3 months of just sitting on a desk, significant bright spots on the screen, and the keyboards already shinier than a 1st gen logitech g15.

My sister got a Z565 because of a discount, made backup disks the first day, behold she got a virus, not the pcs fault, but the restore disks installed the os, which was corrupt every time, so i just reinstalled it with a 7 pro disk, to find that the coa on MY thinkpad was "not valid", so I just used an activator, now it has network problems, probably hard drive kicking the dust or a bad mobo.

I have never owned an asus, but i do LOVE IBM laptops, which obviously are discontinued. I had an R40 with the ati graphics problem, it got bad where i had a couple pennies under the video cover plate thingy, i overclocked it to the death and minecraft and RoR started artifacting, but it still worked fine for daily use. At the time when my dad's ibm team was required to upgrade their laptops, my dad had a T60 that had gone through a war, and was mint, some of the guys on his team were using T4x series.

I have 2 friends at school who have acer laptops, they are held together by duct tape, and from my experience from dells, those 2 are automatic no's.


None of the above.

I don't understand what is your budget.
For 400-500$ you can do better than the first one you posted:

Both the K55N and HP g6t are faster with the g6t the fastest and for the games you've mentioned better take the HP.

But the second laptop you listed costs 650$. Is that your budget?

I can go up to $750, but it would take a while, my job pays me $35 every saturday, and they currently don't need me.

And I would perfer the dedicated gpu be nvidia, my chaintech MX440 still has driver updates and is supported, my 4 year old X1400 does not.


Oct 10, 2012
Im looking at the Y480 you mentioned. I heard the GPU on it is a rebranded 555m. Is it better or worse than the 7660m with the A10? How about compared to things like the GT630m?


Nov 11, 2011
I personally picked up a Y570 and yes it is just an overclocked 550m but I was able to overclock it even more. MSI afterburner shows 900 core clock and 1800 for memory. Gives me about a 15% improvement in FPS over stock. But battery life is awful and don't expect it to be cool. The GPU hits about 75C (I'd recommend keeping one under 85 with 80 being a better max).

I only got this because they had it in the Lenovo outlet new for $620 with tax (500GB 7200 RPM HDD and i7-2670QM). Currently they're out of them.

My friend spend the extra $300 and got the Y580 and I'll admit it's got a much better GPU (660m) and battery life. If you do get one the 1080 screen is a recommendation.

As for the Y480 I'd only consider it with the 650m as the 640m LE performs about 20% worse than the regular 640m.

Refer to this website for benchmarks of the cards. This is just the 660m


please, no lenovo's/acers/sony's or amd's.

I've had my fill with those brands.

I'll check out that hp with the i3 and gt 555m.