Question Beyerdynamic DT990 pro cable quality concerns


Feb 10, 2018
Hello guys,
iam planning to buy a DT990 pro headphones which my friend recommended to me, though i noticed at last that the cable is not detachable so i was afraid that i'll be putting my investment on something that might soon be cut damaged or else.

so my question is,
does the cable on the headphones have good quality ?
and are there any products that can shield the cable ?

and lastly are the headphones reliable and worth the investment ?
because i'am 99% buying them.

Deleted member 217926

The Pro series are made for studio use. They're well built.

Are they worth the investment? Well that's going to be up to you. Personally I find Beyerdynamic headphones very bright to the point of being almost painful in some cases. The 990 is the brightest of the line. For gaming or studio use it's a great headphone but it wouldn't be my choice for music.
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