Black Friday Gaming Laptop


Single core? No, dual or quad core is ideal. i5 or i7 CPU would be ideal for gaming. The...
High price: Alienware

Midrange: Asus, MSI, Clevo

Low price: Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo

Alienware is certainly not bad, but sticker prices tend to be more than the competition.

I would recommend the Asus G750 series or a Clevo/Sager system. You can get much better customer support by buying a Clevo/Sager laptop (depending on who you purchase from), while the Asus ROG series (G750 series) is very respectable in its design to stay cool and quiet.

MSI is also worth consideration, as long as you stick with their GT series (GT60 or GT70).

The lower tier systems will handle some games, depending on the model and respective hardware. The Lenovo Y series is popular right now for budget gaming, but in my experience, a system with a GTX 765M or higher is ideal for modern games.

I hope that helps get the ball rolling!


Nov 14, 2013
I was thinking more specifics... Like I know that typically you want a faster single core for a gaming rig...and something better than a regular integrated video card...with all the new processors coming out all the time, its hard for the average Joe to keep track of them...the hierarchy charts that toms hardware does helps alot, but I can't ever seem to find the mobile processors on them... I was hoping someone more in the know can glance over the list and pick out top picks like Under $400, Under $700, Under $1000... I would be happy to do it, but unfortunately I just don't know enough about the new processors and GPU's coming out....


Jul 18, 2013
You would want something in the area of an i5, if it comes with an i7 that's even better but it is generally not necessary. I believe a lot of the gaming laptops probably come with quad core processors these days (my lenovo y410p, which you could consider a lower to mid gaming computer has a quad core).
I don't know as much about amd, but for nvidia you might want to look at the 700 series gpu, maybe something starting at gt 750m or higher. In general i'm not the best with laptop gpu as I wasnt specifically looking to game on my laptop I just saw it as a really good deal.

If you can find a 4th generation cpu (so 4xxx, ((e.g. 4700mq)), that might be best, but the 3rd gen (3xxx) is also very good as well.

If you want a good one in the $700 to $1000 range I would look into the lenovo y410p (14") or y510p (15")

Single core? No, dual or quad core is ideal. i5 or i7 CPU would be ideal for gaming. The mobile processors you would want to look for above all others is either an i5 4200M or an i7 4700M (you could get something more capable, but for mobile computing and gaming, those are adequate).

The list you linked doesn't have anything really worth writing home about as far as gaming laptops go, so instead, I will stick with the general recommendations I made previously and wish you happy hunting. :)


It also depends on what games she is planning on playing also. Don't need something that's high end if its like League of Legends or so also. If its like First person such as Battlefield, World of Warcraft and games that you would want high graphics then yeah.
Ultimately, it depends on what type of games she wants to play. Is she a hardcore gamer who wants to run & gun with the guys on a 64 person multiplayer map in Battlefield 4 with maxed out setting? Is she more into games like the Sims 3 or strategy games like Civilization 5?

Is there a specific maximum weight you prefer to the laptop to be? A 5.6lbs laptop can be easily carried by any 15+ year old, but might be just a bit too heavy for an 8 year old.

The more info you provide the better the responses can be.


Nov 19, 2013