Black screen after login resulting from vid driver update


Nov 26, 2011
Hello, I was wondering why my computer screen continues to go black ONLY after I install the latest video driver update.

GPU- ATI Radeon HD 6790
CPU- Intel Core i-5 sandy bridge 2500k
RAM- PNY x2 4gb
OS- Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

Im officially stumped.. Let me give you a step by step of what happens
After Installing latest video drivers and reboot:
- Computer will start up normally
- Login screen appears, I type password and login
- My desktop and files load just fine and my computer seems to be in fine working condition
- Anywhere from 2-6 minutes after I login the computer screen will go completely black (or sometimes a black and blue vertical barred screen) This only seems to happen if I open anything. If I sit there and let the computer sit viewing my desktop it will never black screen, only if a program is opened.
- After, I will turn off my computer boot in safemode and do a system restore to a safe point when I know the video driver hadn't been installed yet

Ive tried just about everything I can think of and I truly believe its a software issue, but I may be wrong... Ive tried installing ATI driver 11.10 (the disc that came with the video card), and Video driver 11.11 (off from ATI's website), updating bios, Installing previous versions of video drivers, Downloading the 11.6 "hotfix" from ati that supposedly resolves this issue, Reinstalling windows, Reseating my video card, Trying a VGA to DVI adaptor and just standard DVI cable/s.

My PC temp is fine, the video card fan is spinning and everything seems to be stable, but I NEED to update my video drivers so I can play Battlefield 3. All my computer parts are brand-spankin new along with my windows OS.
Like I said this is ONLY after the video driver update.. Im currently using no video driver and Im typing this forum thread just fine with no problems. Only once I update or install anything from catalyst/ATI/Video Driver does the problem persist

Any tips would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated, because I really don't want to have to RMA my video card if the problem is just a simple fix that Im over-looking

-Sincerely JM
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