Black Screen before log in screen on Laptop, Help?


Jan 19, 2013
I had been playing a game and speaking to my friends on skype. After installing a new game from a trusted source, I was told to restart the computer. I did so. When restarting, after the windows symbol, it goes to a black screen with the mouse cursor.
I can launch the computer through safe mode and I have deleted all the things I had before the shutdown. I have virus scanned, found nothing, and did a system restore. Still, nothing. I have removed the battery pack and tried to have it cool down for 60 seconds. Nothing. I don't have any cables or any USBs in use. I normally have a headset, wireless mouse, and printer cable plugged in.
Im not sure if it this should be happening, but one of the three lights on my laptop is blinking.
go into safe mode and use msconfig see what loaded in start up programs. it could be that the game lancher or the game put in a program that causing the anti virus program to hang/fight. may want to turn everything off in startup and see if the error stops.