Question Blue Snowball picking up too much noise

Apr 15, 2020
So out of no where yesterday, my friends in discord started to complain about hearing a super loud noise whenever I would set my phone on my desk. I just assumed they were being dramatic, but upon listening, it definitely plays the noise far too loud. I started testing around and even very slight things like just tapping my boom arm or moving my mouse would play pretty loud, and my voice is the complete same. I've tried stuff like VB-Audio tools and the noises still show up as being very loud. I think this might have something to do with the new discord noise suppression feature, that I use occasionally if I'm being loud. Any idea of what is going on?
Jul 16, 2020
I just had a few thoughts, is there a chance the switch in the back was bumped and it's picking up omni-directional sounds? Also I'd turn off any new noise suppression feature and keep testing to reproduce it so you can pinpoint what changed. Also kinda random, but any chance there was a windows update recently? I feel like it's caused issues with both my video and audio drivers before, that only randomly go away after the next windows update lol.
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