Question Picking out speech from a long lesson


Nov 24, 2008
Picking out speech from a long lesson

I try to record lessons using my Samsung phone. I don't need to re-listen to most of the lectures but would like to pick out the relevant speech that is interesting to me without having to write the time stamp or otherwise look at my phone. Similar to setting a bookmark.

Ex: in a long lecture I might hear a particularly interesting segment of a much longer recording and want to go back to that segment to re-listen for detail. I tried double-tapping the phone with the idea I could search for the double-tap (audio-bookmark) using Audible Software and back up a minute or so to rehear the part I need. (Think being in a chemistry lab, wearing gloves, and recording the instructor and wanting to re-listen to the particular details so as not to screwup the mixtures. There are large gaps that are not interesting to me and a fair amount of background noise and conversations though low volume.)

When I tried this I could not see the double-tap (looking at the waveform) I made on the phone so review later using Audible and I don't want to relisten to the entire lab instruction for the double-tap. I don't want to distract the class by making unwanted loud noises.

Question: Is there a way to bookmark the audio sound I make on the phone so I know where to stop and review. A high pitch sound no one can hear except the phone which may show clipping (which is ok). I can search for the clipped waveform.

Might there be another creative way to think about this problem? The phone is either in my pocket turned to the instructor or on a lab bench.

Is there a better place for me to ask this question?

Unless there is a special app out there for this, I do not know of any way to do what you are wanting to do on a phone.

But, to be honest, most of the apps are likely going to be ones that can alter it after the fact and not when you are making it. They are set up to make the recording so ti can be listened to later and make notations then. Not put a sticker (so to speak) on a specific time/location.

Alas, you are likely going to need to make a notation somewhere (not on the recording) of the time in the recording to be able to locate it again.