Question Ghost in My phone?


Feb 10, 2020
Yesterday, up popped the voice/speech thing. I wasn't doing anything with the phone at the time. I never use speech and don't know why it popped up but since then, I can't do anything. Can't swipe to another page, can't turn this ghost off, can't make calls, and can't get to the settings,. It took a long time to shut the phone down! It just didn't want to shut down. The green square that outlined what "I" was doing would settle on Emergency button. The speech speed was as high as it could go and i couldn't even slow it down so I didn't even know what the instructions were saying.

This happened before but I could at least turn it off, but not this time! How can I fix this or should I throw the phone against the wall and hope it simmers down ?LOL (not really funny). I'm at a loss. Tearing my hair out over this.