Question Bluetooth and TVs

Aug 13, 2019
I have a one-year-old LG OLED 65" TV that one pays a fortune for. It is beyond annoying that, if I use the native Bluetooth transmitter, I get a sound lag that makes watching the TV unbearable. Why these new TVs do not include a Low Latency Bluetooth audio transmitter is beyond me.

Rant over. I need to fix this. I have bought the new Sony MF1000XM3 Bluetooth headphones, so reception won't be a problem.

If I buy something like an Avantree aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, what are the issues in using this? Will I have to connect and disconnect it every time I want to listen to the TV normally? Can I connect it to my older Onkyo receiver instead? What are the practical issues in adding a transmitter to the TV or the receiver?
You won't have to disconnect the transmitter but you may have to turn the TV speakers and optical output on and off.
Most AVRs don't have fixed level audio outputs. Using a variable output might overload the transmitter input and you would have to turn the speakers off if you didn't want them one at the same time.
RF headphones don't have any delay issues so would have been a better choice. They do usually require an analog input so an optical to analog converter might be needed.
Aug 13, 2019
Unfortunately, RF headphones don't work on when I'm out running, and I don't really want any more pieces of equipment than necessary floating around.

Have to admit that I didn't understand any of the remainder of your reply. Sorry.


If you have a headphone out on the TV, then using a bluetooth transmitter may get you less lag in audio using that. But if your TV automatically turns off the speakers or other audio out when the headphones are connected you will need to unplug it. I know some TVs have an option to keep both headphone and speakers working at same time, you would need to check options in yours.
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