Bluetooth Keyboard Number Section

madison jack

Dec 30, 2013
Roughly a year ago I had bought a keyboard for my small Samsung tablet. Which months later had decided to crap the bed and the screen no longer worked. The bluetooth keyboard didn't want to be put to waste and I had a small LGL34C phone. When I had bought it within the first few months it had a handful of SD card and lag issues. It was on and off. I reset it the first time. My bluetooth keyboard had rejected it first being loaded. After 5 minutes of messing with the line of numbers it worked. I had went into wattpad and tested it out to see how it reacted with typing for a while. It went for 2 hours solid. Then I had to start pressing some keys with more force. I decided to leave it alone for a while. The next day it worked pretty solid and it had SOME issues with it but nothing that tampering with it couldn't fix. A few days ago I had to reset my phone due to the SD card issues returning. I put in my new SD card which is the first SD card I had used with my phone AND my tablet. I had grabbed my bluetooth keyboard and tried setting it up as I usually had. It took an hour and still rejected me trying to connect it by typing in the numbers it said. I plugged it in for a bit while my phone charged. I tried again. I had restarted my phone. Still nothing.

The keyboard is a bluetooth 3.0 (Or what the company had properly named it)