Bookshelf or Powered speakers.


Mar 28, 2010

Out of these options, I'd take the M10's.

The Micca's are fairly good low budget speakers, but with the lack of a crossover, there are problems in the upper midrange and you have to be careful about burning out the tweeters.

I haven't heard the Mackies or really any (more qualified) reviews of them. However I'd except them to be at least competent powerd monitors like the rest of the stuff they do.

The Monoprice is a mystery, but given the price and what they are trying to do I'm willing to bet they aren't that great.

The M10's, better sound quality than the Micca's (and most likely the Monoprice). They may not necessarily be better than the Mackies, but with the powered mid bass module they will go quite a bit lower somewhere around 25-35Hz lower. Keep in mind though that the "sub" needs to be place on the desk with the rest of the speakers to get the best sound out of them.
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