Booting an Aspire V3-371 from a USB HDD


Oct 29, 2014
Hi Everyone, I have an Acer Aspire V3-371 V1.15 which I have updated to Windows 10 Home (x64) and I replaced the 120Gb SSD with a Toshiba 250Gb SSD.
I also have an external Toshiba USB 1Tb HDD which I want to use for backups. I am able to create my backup images to the 1Tb HDD without problems.
The problem that I have is that I am unable to boot from the USB port with the 1Tb backup HDD. I have tried BIOS options of UEFI/Legacy, and moving the boot order so that USB HDD is at top of list, and enabling F12 to choose the correct device to boot from, all without sucess. When I boot from the USB drive it shows a sad face and says that I need to re-boot.
Can anyone please tell me how to get it to boot correctly.