Question Bose Cinemate 2 + LG no optical

Aug 1, 2019
Hey folks,

I have an old Bose Cinemate 2 which has 2 audio jacks (red/white) and an optical in. My TV which is a LG RTU5015 does not have an optical digital out.

I have tried using only the rca audio but do not get any sound. Also have checked my sound settings and tried PCM, RAW and this did not work either.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone.
Can't find much info on that TV online. What specs I did find doesn't show it has any kind of audio output.
If the TV has PCM and Raw audio settings that would indicate that it has a coax digital audio output. It would be a single RCA jack usually orange. You can get a coax to optical digital audio converter to make the connection work.
Aug 1, 2019
Hey thats great, you really helped me out with this since I was not able to find any specs on this particular tv model. Will be ordering the rca and converter shortly. Thanks a million for all your help! Ill try and pay it forward.
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