Bose Companion 5 vs Companion 20


Oct 9, 2011
Right now i am considering the two speakers Bose Companion 5 and Companion 20 for my pc
I'll mainly use the speakers for songs and movies

so the questions are

1. which speaker have a better quality overall? i don't really listen to heavy metal rock

2. How good is the virtual 5.1 for the companion 5? How does the surround sound compare to a real 5.1 system (like the Logitech z906)?
I read in some reviews that the 5.1 in the companion 5 messes up in some music
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3. Is there a usb connection/driver problem with the companion 5?

4. How is the bass in companion 20?

5. For the companion 5, is there a "magical" space you have to be in to get the 5.1 sound effect? If I stand 6ft away from the speakers will I still get the 5.1 sound effect?

I dont really mind the price, just the quality


(sorry for my poor English)
have a little patience. some of us only check the forums once a day.

as far as bose products go, you do not get what you pay for. from what i've heard floating around these forums bose tends to use substandard parts in construction and relies on software/technology to make their products sound okay. however, for the same price or less you could get a superior sounding product.

as far as computer speakers go, logitech is very well known and respected for giving consumers good quality speakers for a budget price. their highest tier products are even recommended by audiophiles as a solution.

for 2.1 speakers i would have to say the USD$50 logitech set is a good pick. you could upgrade to the $80 set but if you're already going that far you might as well get true 5.1 as no 2.1 set is going to give you true 5.1 sound. it can try and fool you but it isnt the same.

so yeah...go with bose if you want to waste money, it is your choice after all. however, i'd suggest going with another brand myself.


Mar 16, 2013
Hi, not an actual member of this form yet, but have you considered walking into a store that happens to have a laptop connected to either speaker set and using these songs on YouTube to demo these speakers (best played at 360p)?:
Mariah Carey - Someday (
Christina Aguilera - I Turn To You (
I think you'll find that there is a certain edge to the Companion 20, but as I haven't yet tried the Companion 5, I'm not entirely sure how that sounds, but I wouldn't worry much about it.
- John (

If you want good speakers, buy powered studio monitors.
Use adapters to plug them into computer headphone jack.