Bose model 8 speaker wiring


Jul 15, 2010
In short I have 15 bose ceiling speakers going in a commercial property over (8700ft2) using approx. 500ft of wire.

Each bose speaker takes 8 watts max (selectable 1,2,4,8) - Voltage input 70.7 vrms.


1. what size amp / equipment is required?

2. assuming it's wired parallel. How does one configure / wire so that speaker - 1 nearest amp verses speaker 15-furthest amp will not loose significant sound? If so, how does one resolve?



You need a 70 volt amplifier, it's made for PA systems. You will see a "70 volt" output terminal on the back of the amp. I would buy a 100 watt or more amp for what you are doing. Generally you may want to set the closest speaker to 1 or 2 watts, and the furthest to 4 watts, to compensate.
Some better systems divide the speakers into sections, and have a wall mount volume control for each section.
But these types of systems are for low level background music, and turning up the volume makes it distort rather badly.

I would set all the speakers at 8 watts, divide the speakers into four sections, use four separate in wall volume controls, a 200 watt amp, and the sound would be clearer and louder than the usual 70 volt system. A good amp to use in a commercial application is TOA. But that system costs more money.


Jul 15, 2010

Thank you!


Sep 13, 2012

-a commercial amp rated at 200-300watts/ channel rms- though you will only be using one channel to drive the 15 speaker line.

-you need to buy an AUDIO TRANSFORMER RATED AT 70.7 VOLTS. connect one end of this transformer to the speaker output of the amp- then the 70.7 volt end of the the transformer to the 15 speakers in parallel.

-doing it this way will eliminate the variance in "loudness" between the 1st and the 15th speaker. thanks.
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