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Oct 28, 2016
We need to educate folks more than not all compression results in loss.

Apple’s ALAC for example, compresses but nothing is lost. aptX Lossless involves compression but again nothing is lost.

The transmission rate bears no link to data loss whatsoever. It should not be used as some kind of measure of whether data was lost.

The transmission rate has the most comparative impact on energy utilisation. Sadly, reviewers and “journalists” get these things wrong and the incorrect information can spread like a virus.

Some of this also leads to people believing that if the transmission rate goes up then somehow that restores data. While there may be an element of this, in most cases the damage is done before the transmission stage.

So, aptX Lossless needs to transmit at 1,200kbps in order for the receiver to decompress the data back to its original bit-perfect form which is then played back at 1,411kbps locally.