Brightness + USB port problem with my MSI notebook.

Hakon Aune

Sep 14, 2013
Hello there!

I bought the MSI GX70 3BE ( for about 4 weeks ago. It had Windows 8 installed on it; and since I prefer W7 over W8, I did a reinstall.

However, I can't seem to find any solution to two problems I'm having, this after installing all updates.

Problem 1: The three USB 3.0 (I believe one of them is a combo) ports do not react. If I put my external hard drive in the 3.0 ports, it does get powered and the light on the HDD is showing, but no response on my computer. Not in device manager or in the " my computer" section. What could be the solution?

Problem 2: I can't change the screen brightness, not with the FN-shortcut, nor the standard way. And it's always stuck at the brightest. It does however sometimes adjust by itself, but only for about 3 seconds, then it adjusts back to the brightest, almost like theres some auto-brightness setting I can't find. Any solutions?

A friend said it might be necessary to flash the BIOS, but I would only want that to be a last resort, so I figured I'd try ask around first.

Thanks in advance! :)