Browser Version of Office Appears Online

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Jan 27, 2009
I love all the complaining and bashing of things you guys have never used. I heard from the really early beta test of this last spring that it worked extremely well. I don't recall whether I heard anything about Firefox compatibility or not but I'll see if the source still has access.

Really strict NDA on it though.


Yes, Office Web apps will be free (ad-supported, but free - there are no ads on the service at the moment though).
Yes, they work in Firefox, and Safari, and Chrome.
No, you don't need Silverlight, though Word does tell you you'll get a better view of documents if you install it.
No, there is no Office 13 download or ActiveX control.

Editing in the Word Web app is promised in an update; I'm sure we'll look at it then but for now you can see the details of what's on the preview at
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