Buck Converters in a hybrid 110v 12v system...

Sep 29, 2018
I live in a van :) 12v power is very precious here. I currently am having to use an inverter to go from 12v to 110v back to 12v(via walwarts and laptop bricks) for my car/home audio and 12v power/system. I want to eliminate the 110v even to some 110v home audio speakers I have : /

I found these

DROK 90483 DC Car Power Supply Voltage Regulator Buck Converter 8A/100W 12A Max DC 5-40V to 1.2-36V Step Down Volt Convert Module

Link: http://a.co/d/ejJ0cZr

I know they will work to bypass the inverter issues for the laptop/walwarts....but can they be used to integrate a 110v speaker into a 12v car audio system
The link to your speakers isn't there so I can't check on them. If the DC output of the speakers power supply is within the range of the converter then it should work. You will have to measure the power supply in the speakers to find out unless they use an external one. Then it should be marked on that.
If the output of the converter has some garbage in it your speakers may not sound good. An additional filter in between the converter and speakers might be needed.
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