budget gaming laptop/ultrabook

Nick Gtech

Sep 1, 2013
im not a hardcore gamer ,but i want laptop/ultrabook (mostly sleek design,not heavy) .and it will last for at least 3 years.

my budget 50k -60k

i wanna play gta 4,need for speed (latest) and gta 5 with high/medium setting,with 50fps around

it should be touchscreen,with i5

atleast 4 gb ram 750 or 1tb hdd

most imp. gpu should be higher than gtx 740m /650m or similar

it would be great if its 4 th gen.

now here are some examples but i need more than that

asus vivobook s550cb/s551

lenovo ideapad z500

pls suggest other than these two,if any