budget laptop, good screen, good battery, good gaming


Sep 9, 2013
Hie guys, I am planning to buy a laptop within the budget of 37000RS INR /560 $ roughly,
main purpose of purchase.
1) I watch a lot of tv series & movies, upto hours, regularly
2)long duration of browsing, though only regular websites like twitter & youtube

My initial budget was lower & I was looking for a damn good display, good battery life, mobility.But after doing some amateur research, I came across a few laptops at a higher budget that allow decent level of gaming

I prefer games like Max payne2/3, nfs underground & any other fantastic mid level fps /third person shooter games.

I am a noob when it comes even moderate knowledge aboutgaming/ graphic cards etc.So if you could let me know which of these laptops mentioned beow is the best..

P.S : If it's not a problem, feel free to suggest any laptop of your choice, I would highly appreciate better suggestions, Incase, you think neither of these or any other laptop within the budget is worth the increase in budget, let me know, so I can buy an average decent laptop with mobilty & save the xpens:de,thanks:)

Hp G6 2301ax

I have read several reviews of this one, & all seem positive, it has a 2gb ati 7670m.demerit I found is the weight, which I can overlook.

2) Samsung http://www.flipkart.com/samsung-np370r5e-s06in-laptop-3rd-gen-ci3-4gb-750gb-win8-2gb-graph/p/itmdk6ybsdhfwzcz?pid=COMDK6Y9ERRTKDSW&ref=ee353ae6-8d05-4569-96e5-e5a168a8ca62

This one has a 2gb radeon hd 8750 card. I narrowed it down, because its lightweight &has a 3rd gen i3.

i would choose the samsung over the hp as hp usually have problem with heat.U need a good cooler if u u take the hp.the pros on the hp is that it has an apu which mean it has a built in graphic chip which u can crossfire with the 7670M.But crossfire still have a few issues that need to be fix.(mostly stuttering).The samsung on the other hand has an i3 which i would prefer over the a8 quad core.and the 8750 is better than the 7670m as it has better memory speed and core speed.I use to own and acer 5660g which has an a8-3500 quad core cpu and a 6620g + 6650m gpu crossfire setup/not really that impressive comparing to a single card performance.So my bet will be to take the samsung.