Budget Laptop Suggestions (under $550.00)


Apr 19, 2014
Hello all,

I've spent the last while trying to identify the best student laptop for under $550.00 that won't crap out on me in the next 3 years.

What I'm looking for is something that can be modified up to 8GB of RAM later, along with an SSD upgrade down the road, but will be able to properly function without those upgrades for a year or so. I tried the Lenovo z50, but out of the box, the piece of crap was lagging, took 1.5 minutes to start up, and frequently froze up. At least on paper, that seemed to be the most cost effective unit I could find for around $500.00.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! There are just so many garbage laptops inundating the market currently that really have no purpose other than to take up space on store shelves.

4GB RAM DDR3 is fine
Intel processor would be great (high i3 or an i5 would be preferred)
graphics don't need to be amazing
CD/DVD drive preferably
Doesn't need USB 3.0
Windows 8 unfortunately, unless you know of a good win7 laptop still out there.

Thank you!!! :)