Question +bundles or a broad streaming service like AT&T or Hulu?


Dec 8, 2017
I just started getting into streaming and want to step away from DirecTV but I’ve gotten myself confused, lol! Hope someone can help me out.

I started off by subscribing to a particular pay channel that had a show I wanted to watch... let’s say, CBS. I’m just using “CBS” as a hypothetical example here! Then, later, I find out that there’s a CBS+ available for more money that opens up OTHER channels - I guess they’re subsidiary channels. Ok, I get that. THEN I start looking at getting a larger, more inclusive service like AT&T’s streaming service that includes CBS. Question is... am I better off (in terms of overall value) in getting the broader package and dropping my CBS subscription or a CBS+ subscription; OR is it better to buy a whole bunch of separate subscriptions??

My problem is that I have a bunch of individual channel apps on my phone along with some of these + bundles like Disney+; but I ALSO have a Amazon Prime video account, and a Apple TV app - BOTH of which have some additional subscription services I’ve bought within the app! Plus, I’ve got a Netflix account. Lmao! I’ve got so many of these services and little subscriptions that I don’t even know how much I’m paying for it all, because they’re all different accounts with different payment dates. It’s all very frustrating and confusing. It’s got me leaning towards cancelling everything except my Amazon Prime and Netflix and going with a very inclusive premium service like AT&T, so I only get 3 bills and HOPEFULLY just about every channel I could want. But I keep wondering whether picking all of these channels a-la-carte doesn’t actually get you more channels for your money.

Can anyone offer some guidance here? If you’re looking to replace a premium DirecTV service with 100% streaming, which route would YOU go?

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who replies!


There are so many options for streaming no one can pick for you, all depends on what you want to watch on them. Probably will need to have a few of them depending on what you are looking to get.

Separate subscriptions are certain to cost you more if you start going for every network and movies and sports. You seem to have a bunch of streaming setups already, what are you missing from those that you want to add more to it? If you know exactly what you want to watch, then look at the costs for those specific things vs something like Netflix or Hulu.
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