Buying New Laptop $700~, A few questions


Mar 22, 2012
Hey all, :)

I'm going to be buying a laptop within the next 2-3 months.
I've done most of the research myself so just a few question left to be answered.

I found these 2 laptops so far:

I found others similar in price to this, but they would have weaker cpu/gpu. This one also comes with 6gb RAM, rest are 4. Anything I find close to this one is $100-150 more. I'd like to find a better resolution though.


Aside from resolution, GPU and RAM, they are 99% the same as the Samsung, besides $100. Warrant is 2 year on the Asus vs 1 year on the Samsung, but i'm not concerned about it.

My questions:

1. -I'm wondering, how big the difference is between the GT 635M(Asus$800) and Radeon hd 7730m?

2. -I hate win 8 and would like to reformat and put Win 7 on. I've read a few consumer reviews about their laptops not being able to switch OS easily or at all. Is this true? I'd assume not, but thought I'd double check.
Ex. Can't get Win 8 to reformat

3. If interested, can someone find a laptop with similar specs/price to the Samsung, but with a better resolution than 1360 x 768? 1600x1050 would be nice! But anything better is good to. Any reputable online sites are fine. I'm in Canada, but can get most stuff shipped here from
The Asus is nice too, but I'd like to keep it cheaper if possible. This laptop has great specs and I would buy if I needed now, but I don't, so that's why I'm checking all options still.

4. -With any laptop, can you replace the ODD and put in an extra HDD/SSD? or are there dimension restrictions?
I know I'll need an optibay if this is possible. Also, I looked at laptops with 2 drives already installed and they are $900+ on average.
If this isn't possible with whichever laptop I get, I will need to buy a 120gb SSD($50-100) or the worst option...use the HDD that comes with it :( . This is the reason, I'm trying to find something $700-750, because I'll most likely need too spend $100 after purchase on Optibay/SSD.



Mar 22, 2012
Well, I'll be honest, I'm a bit disappointed after 5 days and 70 views, not a single person has attempted to answer any of my questions.

The reason I came to comment,
The Asus dropped in price to $50($750) with free shipping. So i decided to get that.

The resolution was a big factor in me getting the Asus over the Samsung, even though the Samsung was $100 cheaper. (Along with free shipping)
I also couldn't find the Samsung anywhere in canada for a decent price. :??:
Looking forward to using!